Waicheong Group was established at Hong Kong, in 1960. The Group specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing office furniture, various types of server racks& network racks and integrated control console systems. Our production base is located in Dongguan City of Guangdong Province in China with an area of 66.000 square meters. At present there are over 600 workers and 60 of them are professional engineers.

Since the establishment of the group we have been striving to enhance competition in the steelwork industry. Now, with an investment of USD$5 million we possess advanced facilities for the improvement and development of the WEBBER brand
Webber is Hong Kong based manufacturer of leading brand 19” EIA standard racking system including network rack, server rack, outdoor rack, ODF rack and the next product range are multi-purpose control panel, electrical panel, control console, LAN control center, LED display panel and IT kiosk.
Control system centre is a versatile WB enclosure designed for storing and protecting sensitive computers and telecommunication equipments.

Webber & Nickel hopes to help enterprises protect their technology and information assets by introducing seismic countermeasure solution for IT room equipment.

In recent years, since the development of global industrialization leads to extreme changes of global environment and climate, frequent natural disasters happen all over the world and impact directly to the countries, society and enterprises.  Consequently, efforts of governments to establish a series of policies for disaster countermeasure and risk management system is one of important issue facing the country.

Throughout the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake in China, we are now greater recognition that ...